Water_boy WATERBOY

Eye-catching and complimentry styling the WaterBoy is specifically designed to meet the rapidly growing demand for quality drinking water. Backed by the most recognisable name and undoubted market leader in water filtration technology, the WaterBoy prominently features the Brita imagery and name enhancing appeal. With its ability to dispence ambient, chilled, or even carbonated water, and with the additional option to add up to 4 flavourings to the dispensed drink, the WaterBoy is sure to delight time after time.


Prices start from £1.20  per day.









Designed to suite the most modernist of offices this water dispencer will deliver crystal clear water every time. You can even have the option to also supply hot water if require.

No more unsightly large container bottles balanced on top as this unit is fitted directly to the mains supply and comes complete with filters. This Compact and Eligant unit can be installed for less than a normal bottle of water.


Prices start from as little as £0.80 per day. 


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