The IceBreak provides a cost effective, highly convenient and reliable 135 can solution to cold drinks requirements. Incredibly simple to operate, the user simply pushes the can of their choice, which is then delivered ice cold at waist height. With its height, it also makes it a perfect partner for a table top hot drinks machine.


Prices start from £1.84 per day.





Zeta_450ZETA 450.


The Zeta range is extremely flexible and can dispense a large variety of products with direct selections from 5 to 9 buttons. There are three models available - Zeta 450, 550 and 750 - which offer different capacities and selections. With the option of three different dispensing systems (chute for cans, single and double columns for cans and bottles) the Zeta is certain to satisfy every possible location. 
Direct Selections - from 5 to 9 buttons Zeta_lx


Zeta LX

The high-impact design rounded shape and ample backlit illustrated front panel ensure the users attention. The door construction ensures easy replacement of the graphics panel. The Zeta also boasts its theft and vadal proof lateral armour plating as well as tamper proof dispencing department and programmable lock makes this machine practically impenetrable.

Prices start from only £2.87 per day.


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