Bevmax_1The BevMax 2


The impressive BevMax 2 can hold a full range of bottles (both PET and glass) and cans in all popular shapes and sizes, with a total capacity of 495 drinks and 45 different selections. The machine is particularly quick and easy to load and maintain, making it extremely operator friendly.

The large glass front and brightly lit interior provides consumers with a clear, unobstructed view of all the products available, allowing maximum impact. The motorised x-y delivery system collects and delivers the chosen vend with little or no agitation, before retracting out of sight in the door.


Prices start from as little as £





The Energiser


Here we bring you the perfect product to keep your Cool The Energiser is a cold drinks vending machine available in two versions, the compact 30 along with the larger 40 model.

The Energiser's large glass front makes it an attractive proposition for consumers as they can view the complete range of cold drinks available. Thanks to its fully adjustable product trays the machine can be loaded with a variety of different packaging types including cans, tetra packs plus glass and plastic bottles in a variety of sizes.


Prices start from as little as £





RonaldoThe RONDO


The Rondo offers many new and exciting innovations to ensure trouble free vending. Its can and bottled flexible configuration allows you to vend a wide range of products.

A vend detection system has sensors that can detect if the item has been successfully dispenced. If there is a problem, the customer can retry or their payment is refunded.

This machine also has the advantage of being able to be located against a rear wall without damaging the cooling system.


Prices start from as little as £3.05 per day.








The CB range is extremely flexible and can dispense a large variety of products, including 0.25l and 0.33l cans and the most common Pet or glass bottles.

The CB range can also vend the most commonly used products sizes, including 20 oz Pet bottles (equivalent to 0.6l) and 12 oz cans (equivalent to 0.355l).


Prices start from P.O.A. per week








The Snakky SL (Slime Line) machine offers large storage in a confined space . It boasts a 180 capacity load over 5 trays giving 30 different selections.

With an impressive wide of only 600 mm it makes the Snakky SL ideal option where space is a premium.


Prices start from just only £2.43 per day.


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