BVM_972BVM 972


This very stylish machine will give you up to 48 selections of drinks.

It is robust and comes with a unique patented feature of bactericide additive in all plastic parts that are in contact with water.

There is also the added benifit of inbuilt water softner facility's that complies with the HACCP standards and prevents limescale.

The 972 comes in a choice of 4 options:-

Single Freshbrew + Instant.

Double Freshbrew + Instant.

Double Bean to Cup + Freshbrew.

Instant Only.

The versatility of this machine lends itself to almost any environment and is available with customised branding.

Prices start from £ T.B.A.





This style machine offers the full product range, and has the unique Mixerless-System.

For short breaks, just for relaxation, while meeting business people or simply for enjoyment - up to 50 different products can be individually combined from revitalising Espresso to trendy Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino Italiano or decaffeinated coffee specialities.

The new generation of coffee drinkers has found their individual rituals.

Quick and uncomplicated, but with no compromise on quality and flavour - our hot drink machines cater to the requirements of our customers.


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