An ingenious concept together with real flair makes the Carousel an ideal solution for the smaller establishment that needs a versatile, practical and attractive unit. Combining an integral and refillable water bottle, the Carousel is the simplest solution for quality hot drinks. It also has the benefit of not only offering a veriaty of 10 different drinks it also offers each selection the option of having 30 per section In-Cup normal or 18 per selection sealed drinks.


Prices start from £0.88p per day.




Mini_cup_Flex_rightMINICUP FLEX


The Minicup Flex provides an ideal solution for the smaller user who requires a simple and extremely cost effective vending soloution. This remarkable machine features a highlyflexible specification enabling it to be easily customised to meet individual requirements. Its main options are 5 selection Manual. 4 selection automatic or 3 selection +sugar automatic.

Prices start from £0.92 per day.







The Encore Auto (a 5 selection 195 cup unit) is an ideal choice for the smaller company requiring a highly cost effective drinks soloution. Featuring a good capacity and push button product selection, it can be installed with a minimum of inconvenience and tailored to individual customer requirements. This machine has become an extrremly popular choice for garage services and customer waiting areas.

Prices start from £1.36 per day.





Style_5_rightSTYLE 5


The Style 5 combines the very latest technology with the well proven and accepted "traditional" semi-automatic machine format. Featuring extremely good looks, high capacity and simplicity of operation, this machine is ideal for a whole variety of users. As standard this machine handles 305 drinks but is also available with the option to increase the capacity to 525 when fitted with the capacity upgrade, this together with its electronically controlled internal sugar dispencer makes it a very versatile machine.

Prices from £1.47 per day.






1066 AUTO



Perfect for the medium to busy site, the 1066 Auto provides a large drink choice of 10 plus sugar, and its high 680 capacity means that it will keep going when others demand refilling. Featuring an incredibly user-friendly selection system, this popular machine can be both installed and operated thereafter with the absolute minimum of fuss.

Prices from £1.74 per day.








Refresh_700REFRESH 700  



The Refresh 700 is a fully automatic and high capacity drinks machine in a space saving format. It combines the ease of a traditional automatic, together with the total convenience of In-cup products. Fully programmable, the machine is easily adjusted to accommodate individual client requirements. With its 10 choice + sugar feature and huge 700 cup capacity makes this the top of the list is high volume user environments.

Prices start from £2.17 per day.











Presenting the ultimate in conventional and cost effective vending, the all new Refresh 1400 is designed to satisfy todays demanding user with a delicious array of hot and cold beverages. Despite its unrivaled capacity, this superbly engineered machine occupies just 0.4 square meters of floor space. Offerering a wide choice of 15 primary selections with further taste options of sugar, hot & could water even carbonated water, this fully automatic, floor standing machine isthe perfect refreshment solution for larger sites...


Prices start from £3.09 per day.


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