The Climate

A machine developed to enhance any product range is - the dual temperature Climate. The Climate is flexible and versitile, both in machine configuration and range of products and offers a compact vending solution which is ideal for small sites.    

Climate_1These machines are equipped with an adjustable divider which separates perishable foods and bottles from standard snacks and confectionery items. This control feature allows food, snack, confectionery and bottled drinks to be offered from one single machine, maximising the vending opportunities for environments with limited space.

The climate offers dual tempature zones separted by an adjustable divider shelf.

The divider shelf can be moved to create the specification most sutiable to the machines location or user profile.

The Climate exhibits superior insulation through a foamed-in-place cabnit and door, increasing overall operating efficiency and elimating and sealing, condensation and temperture variation problems.

SureVend product delivery is fitted as standard.

Special bottle trays and spirals fitted as standard to optimise product presentation and delivery.

Prices start from £2.99 per day.



The SnackBreak


The Snackbreak is an ultra reliable, very high capacity and highly flexiable snacks machine which is easily configurable to accommodate individual client requirements.


With its eye catching style it has the options of arranging 7 trays giving 40 selections to suite your needs.


The SnackBreak tray options are 3 rows of 9 for crisps, 6 rows of 14 for confectionery and 6 rows of 6 for PET bottle.  


Prices start from £2.76 per day.







VDI800 Snacks MachineVendo VDI800

If you are looking for a low cost wide choice and no frills, duel control vending machine then this must be concidered, it offers no frills just a wide choice of up to a max of 48 selections covering Bottles, Cartons, Sandwiches, Pies Rolls, Snacks, Crisps and Chocolate's. It has 2 cold tray 2 deg C. and a mixed choice of the remaining 4.   It comes fitted with the Sure Vend Sensor that gauaranties 100% delivery of your product or your money back.


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